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The story of Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton was formed on deposited sedimentary rocks in the Middle Ages. Lake Balaton is a relatively young formation, which evolved as it is 15,000 years ago. There was an arid climate in the area of Lake Balaton in the time of the ice-age, and probably, the prevailing wind deepened the bed of Lake Balaton. When the climate became wet, the coves were filled in the region of Balaton-Keszthely, which were connected to each other gradually, and some 5000 years before Balaton Lake filled the entire present bed, indeed it expanded. Lake Balaton is being filled up constantly by the incoming waters and the offal of the wind.

Wind direction of Balaton

Between Balaton-Keszthely and Balaton-Tihany in the Western basin the prevailing wind direction - with local phrasing, head wind – is Northern. Between Balaton-Tihany and Balaton Kenese in the Eastern basin the wind is Northwestern. The Southwestern and Southeastern winds are more common in the late autumn and in the late winter. The storms of Lake Balaton are infrequent, but those can be fairly dangerous because of sudden eruption and huge waves. Before a storm, a Southwest warm air-flow arrives, then suddenly the stormy and cold wind precipitates from north. Within a short time (10-20 sec) 30-35 m/s wind blows and can increase.

April is the windiest month on Lake Balaton, while the least windy time is in September. Territory of Balaton-Tihanyi and the hills of Northern Balaton side have affected distribution of the winds diversely on Lake Balaton. In different territories of Lake Balaton there can be big differences in the air because of the longitude of Balaton.

During the tourist season (from April 1st through October 30th) there is a storm alarm service on Lake Balaton. Eastcraft insures our clients' safety with weather forecast via Internet.

The story of the sailing on Lake Balaton

The first sign indicatingshipping on Lake Balaton was in the blazon of Tihanyi Benedictine Abbey, appearing as a decoration a sail boat on Lake Balaton. According to former chronicles, King László I. (1077-1097) already sailed by galleon around Lake Balaton. In the time of the Turkish occupation, the fight was continued on Lake Balaton, and it was necessary to set up the feet opposite the Turkish galleys.

Wardens of the castle in Tihany and Veszprém got some of sloops from Vienna in 1589. According to the memorandum from the 1580's is an argument that there was already a ship -building yard in Balaton-Tihany.

György Festetics, who was Maria Theresa's councilor, did pioneer work in the creation of shipping on Lake Balato, he built the first big sailboat, which was called "Cristoph". Later, in the XIX. Century Dutch and English shipmen sailed by steamboat on Lake Balatonby István Széchenyi's suggestion.But the first real experiment of the creation of sailing as a sport was in the 1850's,when yachts were brought by lords, but later the interest abated. In 1884 the Balaton Sailing Association was established, in this caseYoung Richard, who was an English shipbuilder, played an important part.He gave rise to shipbuilding yard on Balatonfüred in 1870, and he organized the first competition on Lake Balaton in August of 1884. There were 100 members of the Association in 1900 and they had most beutiful fresh-water fleets in Europe.

Sailing life is blooming to this day on Lake Balaton, since Lake Balaton is Central Europe's most beutiful lake and is suitable for the enjoyment of this water sport.

Name of Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton (in Latin it is called Lacus Pelso, the German name: Plattensee) is the largerst lake in Central Europe. It is often called the "Hungarien Sea". Lake Balaton is the determining element of hydrography of Hungary. Lake Balaton is a sodic type of lake similar to Lake Fertő and Lake Velencei. It is 77 km long,is between 1,3-14 km wide and surface area is 594 square meter. The Hungarien name is derived from the Slavic word "blato" meaning mud and has no meaning in Hungarien. German name is "Plattensee" is meaning Shallow Sea, this name given to the lake by the German people in the area through the centuries.

Balaton-Tihany peninsula divides the eatern basin of Lake Balaton from the other areas of the lake. The south coast of Lake Balaton is shallowest area of the lake. In the northern region of Lake Balaton is the basin of Tapolca with volcanic mountains and Badacsony is rich wine growing regions in the area. The fishing can be found in several different parts of Lake Balaton. Lake Balaton and the neighboring areas are the most popular destination for tourists outside of Budapest, many spas and thermal springs are located here. Every year the "Blue ribbon" international yacht sailing competition is organized at Lake Balaton.

There are airports located at Siófok, Szentkirályszabadja, Sármellék, Tapolca, Balatonakalin and Papkutapuszta.

Hydrogeology data of Balaton

Location: West Hungary
Primery inflows: Zala
Primary outflows: Sió channel
Length: 79 km
Width: 1,3-14 km
Surface area: 594 km2
Average depth: 3-3,6 m
Max depth: 12,5 m
Water volume: 1,9 km3
Shore length: 195 km
Surface elevation: 104 m



EASTCRAFT Ltd. is the unique owner of the Jeanneau one-design sailing yacht fleet on Lake Balaton. Rental of Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 30i and 36i sailing yachts.

EASTCRAFT – Recreational sailing – sail boat lease, sail boat rental at Lake Balaton.

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